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Who is Nolos?

Our vision is to become the reference for Canadian families by democratizing access to legal and financial services through education, philanthropy, and technological innovation. 

A social vision that is expressed through our name: Nolos. In reference to Solon, an ancient Greek statesman & constitutional lawmaker advocating to the control balance between power and protecting the less fortunate, Nolos also refers phonetically to No loss, and to the acronym No One Left Out Susceptible. 

Empower and protect people’s fundamental wills and all that is essential to them through planning, education, prevention, and collective access to legal and financial services. 

Our mission is motivated by the desire to democratize and elevate legal, financial and estate services to the level of a common good and to its simplest expression, thus enabling more than 75% of Canadian families who find themselves without proper safeguards to take control over their financial and legal planning. 

Why Nolos?

As a society, I feel that we must find a way to simplify, democratize and reach out to families enabling individuals to step up and claim control over their destiny.

That is why Nolos is born…

Nolos acquires Skylegal

I am pleased to announce that Nolos acquires Skylegal techno juridique inc. and Skylegal services juridiques inc., two LegalTechs from Quebec.

This acquisition, an important step in our accelerated growth and strategic plan, will allow us to…

Our collaborators

Our collaborators